Automating Dialogs in Mac Version

I'm a recent switchee from win to mac.  I intensely dislike the lesser support of keyboard only navigation on the mac: but at least in IJ one can remap many commands via the KeyMap. I have done just that for several dozen actions.

However, what about the dialogs?   Specific example: Search|Replace|All.  I know ahead of time that I want to replace all instances. So the sequence I want is:
   bring up the Find/Replace dialog,
  enter the search string,
  enter replace string
  hit mnemonic for 'Replace All'

Now, even in Win version there is an inconvenience that you are forced to do a Find first, and then hit All. But in Win, I can make those selections ALL FROM KEYBOARD, no mouse.

With Mac, I have to move the mouse over to select find, then it finds the first one. then move mouse over to hit All and hit ok again. That is an annoying waste of time. I really want to automate this specific task, and in the future there wil be others as well.

So..  i'm not sure can Automater or some other Mac feature be used here.. or is there an IJ feature that can be used?  I want to record my selection process: probably using an insert special on the Find field and Insert special different entry on the replace field, then recording the key clicks.

It sounds like work: but I use this dialog many times a day and if it can be automated in a few minutes its' worth it.

Thanks for the ideas/suggestions in advance


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Maybe not what you are looling for but.. You can operate the Find/Replace using only keyboard on OS X, no problem:
- Pressing enter will do the same as clicking "Find"
- Press alt + A to replace all when the dialog shows up
- If you enable "Full Keyboard Access" in Keyboard preferences, you may also use tab and space to move focus/click respectively



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Dialogs are essentially non-automatable in Mac due to lack of accelerator keys. I reverted to Windows . Mac is great for most people but not for keyboarding power users.


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