Idea does not save changed to .ipr file after CVS virtual merge.


Am I the only one having this problem ?
And if not does anyone have a Idea workaround ?

Quote from Tracker

"When changes has been made to the project .ipr file, the file is saved with
the old file content instead of the content after editing.

"Now this issue reoccurred in 2233 Official 4.5 Linux release but
with even further implications.

Reproduce this error by changing some content in any
*.iml *.ipr and then do a Ctrl-s or "Save All" from the "File" menu

The file content returns to the original content the changes made has

The effect is dramatic IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CVS COMMIT ANY .iml/.ipr file
which has been manual edited or has been virtual merged.
see also:

Peter Lerche

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the same stuff here. WinXp, 2K.
release 4.5


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