Cycling through Intellij Application Windows on Ubuntu (Linux)?

This might be some subtle weirdness with how Intellij Application Window is registered with OS Window Manager.

On MacOS, there is a nice keyboard shortcut (Cmd+`, by default) that lets you cycle through an application's various windows. So, if I have multiple projects opened in IDEA in separate windows, I can switch from one project to another by repeatedly doing Cmd+` and it cycles through them. This works as a nice subset of Cmd+Tab which cycles through all the windows.

Ubuntu also has similar keyboard shortcut (Alt+F6, by default) which cycles through application windows. However, I am not able to cycle through my IDEA projects using that shortcut. I have to resort to the longer Alt+Tab which cycles through all the windows. Interestingly, Alt+F6 works for Terminal. Thus, if I have 2 Terminals open, I can switch between them by using Alt+F6 as many times as I want.

Is there some setting in Ubuntu's KB shortcuts that lets me do this? Has anyone run into this?

Thanks in advance,

(Environment: IDEA 9.0.2, OS: Linux (Ubuntu), MacOS X).

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Answering it myself. It seems that it is a problem because of getting caught up between Gnome window managers and Java.  If I use Metacity (default) I have the problem I mentioned, and if I switch to Compiz, I have the other problem where if I open a new project window, the window is blank. I am certainly not alone :-).



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