Compile with swc instead source class

I just started using IntelliJ IDEA.
In a pure AS3 project, i have source folders 'src', and 'sym_src' (classes in both can get code hinting if they have reference). Every Class in 'sym_sr'c links to Library symbol in a resource fla. Such fla produces a SWC.
When compile project, i just want to use Classes in 'src' and SWC, not Classes in 'sym_src', how can i do it?
I know, manully detach 'sym_src' from source folder is a workaround. Do we have a proper solution?
In FDT, it's not a problem at all?

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Hi, Raymond,
I've opened a request for this:

You are right, workaround is to manually detach source folder or to use custom compiler configuration file.

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By the way, is it possible for you to use a bit different project structure:
- configure swc produced by fla to be a module dependency
- remove sym_src at all?

In this case you'll have sources from src compiled against swc.

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Thanks for your reply.

I can't remove sym_src folder. For example, i have a Class com.test.display.ContactForm in sym_src folder, which links to a symbol in fla since some graphics stuff involved (like a background image).
In src folder, i have a class com.test.views.ContactPage, which has a _contactForm:ContactForm. Since both src and sym_src are source folders, i have code hinting before compile the fla (to produce swc). Also,
in my ContacForm, i may need to make a static service call (the service class is of course in src folder like When i compile the project, i need to use the ContactForm in SWC, which contains the graphics stuff rather that one in source file in sym_src folder.

You suggested "configure swc produced by fla to be a module dependency", i tried, but couldn't figure out.

Just played with IntelliJ for a couple of days, it's really amazing. If i can jump over this issue, that's perfect.



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