Unhelpful ant warnings

When I run my ant script from Intellij I get "Ant build completed with 18 warnings in 11s at 09:22:08". The warnings are largely spurious: for example, the lines

[dbdeploy] dbdeploy 3.0M2
[dbdeploy] Reading change scripts from directory C:\dev\portfolio\app\build\tmp\sql...
[dbdeploy] Changes currently applied to database:
[dbdeploy]   (none)
[dbdeploy] Scripts available:
[dbdeploy]   1..4
[dbdeploy] To be applied:
[dbdeploy]   1..4

are responsible for eight of the warnings. Is there a way to control what's interpreted as a warning?

- Dave

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Hmm, actually I just looked at the dbdeploy source. I see that it - bizarrely - writes information messages to System.err. Is this why Intellij regards these lines as warnings? In which case I guess it might not be possible to change this?

- Dave


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