Is it still possible to have the webapp automatically use the project libraries?

Hello all, I have recently switched to pallada, and am wondering about a couple of issues that I can't solve. First of all: when I start the webapp on tomcat I receive the message "neither exploded directory nor jar file are configured for the web module", even if this is not true (I have set it up to use the exploded dir), and in fact the webapp seem to be correctly deployed on tomcat (it works...). Is this something normal or should I file a bug report?

The second problem: what are the "deploy" and "undeploy" buttons supposed to do? If I start the webapp and then press "undeploy" nothing seem to happen (and the webapp keeps responding).

Third issue: it seems that when I deploy and debug an app in the embedded tomcat, idea does not export anymore the project libraries: I see that there is an option to explicitly tell what libraries must be exported to the lib, but I think that idea should make available all the project libs by default (e.g.: I do not want my oracle driver jar to be exported in the webapp but I do want it to be available when I debug under tomcat). Is there an option to do this I didn't find?

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