JSF in 9.0.2

In 9.0.1 Ultimate, when adding the JSF facet, we can pick the implementation versions (MyFaces and Mojarra) and then the JSF version itself 1.1, 1.2, and 2.01-FCS. If picking a JSF version for which libraries aren't installed, a warning message was in the bottom of the configuration dialog with a Fix button.

In 9.02 Ultimate, when adding the JSF facet, the only choice I get is whether Facelets support is automatic, enabled, or disabled.  I just instance the latest EAP and it's the same. When creating a new faces-config.xml, no choice was offered ... it was JSF 2.0 only.

Now, I have no idea what I need to do to add JSF 1.x support, the MyFaces implementation etc. Of course, I can add the JARs myself, manually create a faces-config for the right JSF implementation and version, etc., but that's not what I expect to do with IDEA ... especially since it worked well in 9.0.1.

I must be missing something.

What is the recommended way to set up a Mojrra RI JSF 1.2 project in IDEA 9.02?


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Haven't check this but this is important to me as well.


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