Connect to teamserver with virtual dir

i am currently evaluating jetbrains and so far been very very impressed.

My one current issue is that it would seem that I cant connect to my tfs server. My tfs server for other ides requires the postfix of /tfs. If I include this in the manage tfs servers, it tells me to use a valid server name.

Is there currently a way to use this, like the eclipse plugin does? this isnt a deal breaker, but definitely going to be a huge inconvenience if we have to move our tfs server stuff to accomidate this plugin.

thanks in advance.


Hello Weston,

What TFS version do you use?

Currently there's no way to specify the postfix, but there's a related feature request submitted: Please watch it to be notified when it's done.



After finally doing more research I realized this was what my problem was. I've got a tfs 2010 deployment, and it doesnt play nice.


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