very slow performance on NFS


recently, I moved my projects under Linux onto an NFS drive. Since then, I am experiencing extremely slow performance in IDEA - often, I am typing ahead (I do not type very fast). I can see that there is network traffic while I type.

Does anybody else experience this? Is there a way to remedy it? This is only my home network, with one patch cable between 2 Linux machines - could the network speed be a problem?



Parsing files. Please wait...
Copying /some/nfs/mounted/path/file.jar

I have some 40-ish jar files included in most of my Projects (hibernate, tomcat and a lot of common- stuff) and it takes aproximately 30 minutes to just start up. This is bruital to say the least. Statistics from the nfs server says:

IDEA slowly crunches it's way through each jar file, firing off an enormous amount of getattr commands per jar, but very few reads.

Is this the way it has to be?


This was/is really a problem of nfs version 2 (notice the row "Server nfs v2:" reported). Upgraded the server to Linux kernel 2.6.7 and made sure nfs v3 was included and also added rsize=8192,wsize=8192 to the mount options now makes IDEA startup in two minutes (from at best 25 previously).


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