XML document error analysis

Lets say I have a xml which goes like the one below

query query COLUMN1 object.property COLUMN1 property ]]>

Idea analyses this file and is quite happy with things and no “RED”
As soon as I copy (ahhh ctlrc and ctrlv) and paste the inner elements of (im not an xml expert hope they are inner elements) update block
query ]]>
in to the remove block

all of a sudden elements query, params etc are shown in red saying these elements are not allowed here no dtd to validated them against.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or ?

As soon as I remove < from any one of the elements (ctrlx and ctrlv of course) idea is happy now no “Red”

If this is a bug could you resolve this please

I don’t like to see “RED” :(

Thanks for your help


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