Perforce plugin incorrectly showing branched files as outdated version

Intellij 9.02
Win 7

Hi, ive noticed an issue with the perforce integration which causes an "Outdated version" message to be displayed along the top of a file even though the latest version has been retrieved from Perforce.

My file is currently on version 9. It was however branched from Trunk which had reached version 16. Branching in Perforce resets the version number back to 1.
When I look at the VCS file history in Intellij I can see that it has appended the branch history on to the end of the trunk history so the version number appear to go from TRUNK: 1.....16 ---> BRANCH: 1....9.
I think Intellij is then looking down the history, can see that there is a higher version number than that I am currently working with and assumes that I dont have the latest version so then always displays a message along
the top of the file stating the the version is outdated.



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There is a JIRA ticket about it that's been there for a year and a half and there is a simple workaround described in the ticket:


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