Idea with perforce in windows

Trying to get perforce integrated with idea on an xp box. Everytime I try to do something I get 'host unknown'. I've set my P4PORT, I've added the host to my etc/hosts file. I'm at a loss. Anybody?


Can you do, for instance,

p4 info
p4 changes -s pending
(with native client)
from the directory where p4config file is?

Have you set P4CONFIG environment variable?


I  had set all the env vars from the command line. Adding a config file doesn't change much, I am getting an interesting error now like this: WSAEPROVIDERFAILEDINIT

Googling it seems to indicate it's a Java socket error, but I'm not sure where to go from there....


I was asking about whether _command line_ perforce commands, any of them, work fine from the project directory
- this will allow to quickly check that the problem is with IDEA configuration, not perforce configuration


Sorry, I thought that was implied by the setting the vars. Yeah, all the command line stuff works. Actually in any directory.


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