Problem with pallada 2174, does not recognize project libraries

I had been using build 1180, and decided to try pallada.
I installed pallada 2174 in a separate directory, importing settings from 1180, and I copied my project directory.

When, I opened my project, I found that none of my project libraries were being recognized. (See attached screenshot).
This is very strange because I can have 1180 and 2174 running side-by-side and 1180 recognizes the libraries while 2174 does not.

Has anyone run into this problem before?

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I compared the project.ipr file in the 1180_project vs the 2174_project, and they project library section looks the same,e.g.


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The one unique thing about my environment is that at the time that IDEA starts up, my projects jars do not exist.

I have to run an ant target "copy jars" which copies the jars from our fileserver to my local disk. This is for performance reasons; it makes compiles faster to have the jar files lcoal.

So, maybe something changed in 2174 where the file status of each jar is checked when the project is opened, and then it is never refereshed?

i guess I'll file a tracker on this, because no one else seems to have this problem.

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After running the "copy jars" ant task, I closed the project, and then reopened the project. Now when I edit the project libraries, it shows them as valid and everythign works.

So, it looks like there was some regression in 2174 where it won't refresh the libary's jar file status (exist/not exist).

Also, I wanted to add that this is not just a cosmetic error in the project library configuration dialog. IDEA really thinks the jar files do not exist. In my java files, the editor shows errors for all references to the invalid jars.

I am also concerned that IDEA may be caching not only the file status (exist/not exist) but also the contents. What happens if a jarfile is updated on my server and I run "copy jars" again to update to my local disk again. Will IDEA detect that it changed and reload it? It seems like it could still be using the old jarfile unless I reload the project.

I have created a tracker request for this 36082 IDEA does not recognize project libraries.


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