Weaving in AspectJ

How it works?
Because aspectj do?
As for the process AJC?
Ex: code: and Advantages and disadvantages:

what are the main changes that occur between version 1.2 to version 5 and the last 1.6.8.

Versions 1.2 of the updates went straight to the fifth, then thebig changes "drastic" occurred between 1.2 and 5 is it? I wonder what happened to important as the newsbug fixes in this period, possibly related to weaving, functioned as the post-compile and compile time, up to version 1.2 Supported in aspectj since the initial release was only possible in timecompilation. but now the new versions were added somepossibilities, in version 2 what went well, was already in version 5 including weaving at load time (load-time weaving).What are these new features in version 6? would like to know something like compile time, load time,need for modifying the virtual machine, the new versions -description, advantages and disadvantages.

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Hi Marcos,

How does your questions relate to IDEA?


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hi Denis;

is not related to IDEA platform Denis, but the tool aspecjt as weaving (weaver) works aspectj;
weaver methods:
Modify JVM
Load time

And also the big changes from versions 1.2 to version 1.5 of the aspectj weaver connection if possible.

ok thenk's


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