Module dependencies while importing an Eclipse-project

I'm working in a project where the main IDE is Eclipse. The Eclipse workspace is made up of several projects that depend on each other in a chain like so:

  • lib-project with all external dependencies jar-files and stuff
  • ProjectA depends on lib-project
  • ProjectB depends on project A
  • ProjectC depends on project B
  • etc

I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that modules In Eclipse inherit their dependencies, so that in the case above C also can use stuff defined in A and the lib-project.

When importing the Eclipse project into IntelliJ i all the dependencies got set up ok, but I had to add dependencies C->A, C-> lib-project by hand. Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it's supposed to work?

I'm using IntelliJ 9.0.2.


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Eclipse has "export" property for a project configuration entry. See check boxes in Project properties / Java Build Path / Order and Export.
IDEA imports Eclipse projects accordingly.



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