Make mute breakpoints remember status?


Is it possible to make the Mute Breakpoints button in the debug pane remember its status?

Currently, you can turn it on when the application is running. But when you press the stop button and then the rerun button again to start the application again, the button loses its status again.

And you also can't press the Mute Breakpoints button before you start debugging the app. When the debugged app isn't running and you press this button, then it's drawn as if it's activated. But when then pressing the rerun button, the mute breakpoints button disables itself!

And when pressing the mute breakpoints button right after you pressed rerun, it might also still disable itself, only when the application is actually loaded you can press it down - but by then a breakpoint may already have been triggered. And sometimes I just want to quickly see what it does without the breakpoints triggering.

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This issue still plagues me... Does anyone know a way to let Mute Breakpoints remember the status over multiple debug sessions?
Maybe a plugin or so?

The annoyance is that if the program is not running, then you press "mute breakpoints", then run the program, the state of mute breakpoints is reset. It requires 5 steps to debug your program without breakpoints:
-1) press rerun
-2) wait until program is loaded (it only resets the mute breakpoint status after that, so it's useless to press mute breakpoints at this time, and *that is the most annoying part of this whole procecure!!!! really unpleasant if having to do this multiple times while trying to find the cause of a bug.*)
-3) program is loaded and immediatly breaks due to the various breakpoints you set
-4) now you can finally click mute breakpoitns
-5) and have to press resume program

If the mute breakpoint button status were reset when the program *stops* instead of after it's loaded after it *starts*, then it'd require only 2 mouse presses:
-1) press "mute breakpoints"
-2) press "rerun". Program runs and doesn't break.

So, of 3 possible times where the "mute breakpoints" status can be reset (when the program stops, when you press rerun, and when you press rerun but only after things are loaded), the most annoying one possible was chosen!

Why does the button act as if it's pressed anyway when you press it while the program isn't running? It's very confusing that it acts as if mute breakpoints is enabled, but disables itself when you run the program.

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Also, I would like to have an configuration option that just mute all breakpoints by default. I have issues similar to the previous comments.

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Hi, The shortest solution i can think of is Ctrl+Shift+F8 ( Cmd+Shift+F8 for mac ) to open All breakpoints window. Then Ctrl+A ( Cmd+A ) to select all of them and Space to disable all.


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