Unable to consistently display the latest code in the IDE

I'm having some really weird problem with Intellij IDEA 9.0.2.

There are many times I have seen the files displayed in the IDE seem old and "cached", thus it caused my deployment to fail because it is deploying the old files.

I made bunch of changes to the files, then I committed the changes to Subversion. When I closed the IDE, relaunched it and opened the file that I have changed, it appeared as if I didn't even make any change to it.

To make sure I'm still sane, I browsed the SVN repo and the change did get committed there. Then, I browsed the actual file through the file system, and again, the change did get reflected there.

What am I doing wrong here?

Right now, I just double clicked the file from the left pane and I'm seeing the latest code displayed here, just like what I wanted. Since I have added a space in this file and save it, this file shows up under "Changes" tab. So, I double click on this file under "Changes" tab, and it displayed the old code, again.

Why does my Intellij have trouble displaying my latest code??

I'm really confused here.

Help. Thanks.

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The most likely reason is that you're opening a project from a path that contains a symbolic link. IDEA does not currently support such configurations, and they can result in problems like the one you're experiencing (where IDEA has different cached content for the absolute path of a file and the path going through a symlink).

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I have similar problems with IDEA 8.1.4 on Windows where obviously no
symbolic link is involved.



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