Spelling inspection: disabling "process code" also disables it in comments?

If in the inspections under Spelling->Typo I enable "Process comments" but disable "Process code", it also doesn't work in comments.

The comment is a javadoc comment. If I type "asdf" in the comment, when "Process code" isn't checked, "asdf" isn't underlined in grey, even if "Process comments" is checked.

Could this be a bug?

I'm using IntelliJ 9.0.1.

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I'm afraid there is little misunderstanding here. 'Comment' at inspection settings stands for a comment without any other meta-information.


public class TestClass {

    // This is 'single-line comment' - test:errorr

    /* This is 'multi-line comment' - test:errorr */

    /** This is javadoc - test:errorr */
    private String field;

'Process comments' inspection option relates only to 'single-line' and 'multi-line' comments. Javadoc processing is managed by 'Process code' rule.

I understand that such a logic may be not obvious because javadoc may be treated as a multi-line comment as well, however, that's how 'Typo' inspection works at the moment.

Feel free to submit feature request that may improve 'Typo' inspection configuration/apperance from your point of view. I see at least three ways to go at the moment:

  • left the processing as is;
  • add dedicated option for controlling javadocs processing;
  • process javadocs according to the 'Process comments' option value;
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I like the second option most, since everyone can be happy then

The reason I like to disable the inspections in code but not in comments (including javadoc), is because in code the grey spelling underlines prevent debugging tooltips (with variable contents and such) to open because the tooltip of the spelling overrides debugging tooltips as soon as your mouse moves near them.

I'd love to submit a feature request, can I do it with this forum account?

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Not sure if the forum and tracker shares users database, however, you can try to submit the ticket with forum account and create tracker account if necessary.


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