Purpose of IDEA JPA Facet detection


We still use IDEA 7 (we have Licences for 8 but haven't seen extra value in upgrading so far).

I'm new to IDEA JPA support. I have the following question:
If I add a META-INF/persistence.xml somewhere in my module source root (outside from IDEA), once I switch back to IDEA it tells me in the status bar that it has a JPA facet found and whether IDEA should be add it to the project configuration. If I confirm I find a "JPA" node below the module in the project settings.

What I have expected now is that during compile the META-INF folder and it's content will be copied to the root of the configured out folder (because for execution it must be located at the classpath root). But this is not happening.

Other postings here state that the META-INF folder must be located in the root of the module source (IMO then it will be copied by normal behaviour if you have configured XML in compiler / resource patterns).

So I wonder what is the use of letting IDEA detect the META-INF folder anywhere in your source hierarchy, if it will not be copied to the right place during compilation. Or am I missing something.

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