how do i compile imported AIR(Flex)-Eclipse project


This is probably one of the most basic question, I just run Intellij IDEA 9.0.2 and importing existing AIR(Flex) project from eclipse but having problem compiling it.

So what i did were

  1. Import project from external model
  2. Select Flash/Flex Builder
  3. Point to my AIR project

After that I have the project structured

  • My Project (Java SDK)
    • Flex (AIR SDK)

Whenever I try to compile module I get "Error: a target file must be specified". I tried to make it work by changing the "additional compiler options" to include source-path, library-path, and output but still no luck

Anyone can point me to the right direction?


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You don't need to write source-path, library-path and target file in Additional compiler options.
Can you please attach a screenshot of Flex facet settings (Basic tab), screenshot of error (or the whole content of Messages tool window) and the file located in project folder called module_name_Flex_temp_flex_config.xml

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Hi Alexander, attached is screenshots of

  • error message
  • temp flex config
  • flex facet basic tab

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Apparently the main reason it won't compile is because i specified the wrong locale list.

-locale en_AU en_US es_ES fr_CH hi_IN id_ID nl_NL pt_BR ru_RU th_TH zh_CN zh_TW sv_SE ca_ES de_CH --

Thanks for you reply Alexander.

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By the way locales can be set in a dedicated field at Advanced tab of Flex facet settings. In this case they will appear in *_temp_flex_config.xml file automatically.


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