Flex: run exe after compiling swf

For debugging a Flex application that uses a Zinc Wrapper for Operating System features, I'd like to set up a custom debug workflow with IntelliJ 9.0.2 for Windows:

  • compile the swf
  • start the debugger
  • execute a custom .exe file that loads the compiled swf
  • connect debugger to the running application

Is this possible?

thx in advance

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Create new Flex Run Configuration (Ctrl+Shift+F9, then 0, then Ins, then type 'Flex'), select 'HTML wrapper or SWF file' and set the path to your exe file (you'll need to write it manually because chooser suggests only html and swf files). If Make before launch option is enabled then the module that is at the top of the run configuration dialog will be compiled so make sure that Flex Compiler Settings are configured to produce swf that you need (Ctrl+Alt+Shft+S, Modules, select your module, open Flex Compiler Settings tab). I didn't test your scenario but usual debugging (Ctrl+F9) should work as you expect. Just make sure that flash player that is launched by your exe is a debugger version.

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Running the exe this way resulted in some problems with relative paths, but after getting these sorted everythings works!
I can finally debug my zinc application.



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