Optimizing imports and auto import stopped working


I have, in IDEA 9.0.1, in Editor > Auto Import settings, enabled all checkboxes:

Insert imports on paste: All
Show import popup
Optimize imports on the fly
Add unambiguous imports on the fly

I have a few excludes listed, but not related to the things that don't work anymore now.

So basically, often it stops working. For example I paste code in a file, and instead of having all imports done automatically, I have to press Alt+Enter many times to let it import each thing. And sometimes I see greyed unused imports left in the file, which used to be automatically removed.

I've seen a few times that auto import doesn't work if you didn't actually edit anything in the file yet.

But now this is about files in which I'm actually working and typing.

It's a mystery to me why it sometimes works and sometimes not. But today it seems to be in the worse state ever, never working at all even if the settings are enabled.

What things could cause auto import to not work in IntelliJ? What could cause it to show a blue box with an unambiguous class name in it waiting for "alt enter" if the "Add unambiguous imports on the fly" setting is enabled?

EDIT: Potential causes I can think of:
Could it be when using Mercurial and working on files that are not added to the VCS?
Could it be due to the fact that the LAN network was broken here today for a while?

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