Documentation, Creating new servlet, facets and artifacts?

Hi all,
It took me longer than anticipated to navigate and create a project in IDE. I think the creating java EE application and servlets documentation hasn't been updated. This step:

Web Facet configuration is now completed. The last thing left here is to include the Web part in our Java EE application. For that, select javaEEApplication Facet, then under Modules and Libraries to Package, select packaging method Include facet in build for the module Web (in MyJavaEeApplicationWithServlets).

was no where to be found! instead the configuration advised of artifact fix! has the above been change to artifact in version 9.0?

But why is it so lengthy to create a servlet? write a class first then create a servlet to encapsulate the class? can we just create and start typing a servlet?
What are artifacts?

Please help.

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As for servlet creating, you have two options:
- Right-click on your web facet node in Web toolwindow and choose New ->
- Create servlet mapping in web.xml manually, enter your class name and
choose "Create Class" quickfix. It will create an HttpServlet inheritor for


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