Groovy - Code Completion - is there a way to constrain results?

Is there a way to default the Groovy code completion results to be constrained to the same 'limited' view as you'd see within a Java class?

For instance, I want to modify the icon as I mouse over a component, and know that I use the java.awt.Cursor class, but can't recall the method.
In Groovy, typing:
brings up too many options to sift through.  Performing the same action in a Java source brings up a small subset of code completion options, and I can VERY easily and quickly find the method I need (getPredefinedCursor()).

While I understand there is a great deal of 'groovy' meta stuff I can do on any given object, I don't find it particularly useful to see that same meta-groovy-superset every time I try to use code-complete.  Is there an alternative hotkey, or a preference that might allow me to see only the methods and class members on a particular object (and perhaps a subsequent press of the same hotkey could bring up all the meta-goodness, if I so wanted)?

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That's not possible right now, but feel free to vote for

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Thank you Peter, I'll do so!

I think the power and flexibility of Groovy is great, but I still need to be able to leverage the IDE effectively.


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