Getting Started: Flex Debugger?

Hi to all,

after watching Kirills promising presentation at the FFK10 in Cologne, I 'd like to give IntelliJ a try.
I started with a simple HelloWorld pure AS example.
Normal compiling is working, but I can't get a connection to the debugger.
After setting a breakpoint running "Debug" doesn't open the comiled swf and tells "Disconnected" in debug window.

Any hints?

thanks in advance


Forgot to mention: Flash Debug Player is installed properly standalone and Firefox plugin.


What is your OS and IDEA version?
Are you able to run this run configuration (Shift+F10)?
Can you please attach a screenshot of run configuration (Ctrl+Shift+F10, Edit Configurations...)?


OS: Windows XP SP3
IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.1
Shift+F10 -> works

Screenshot is attached...


Oh, a great thing that editor is in the screenshot! You have red code and this is 10 times more important than problems with debugger.
Looks like Flex SDK is setup incorrectly or its installation on the computer is not complete. Please check Project Settings (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S), SDKs page, select Flex SDK that is used by your Flex module and check its Classpath tab.


Strange, no clue why the Flex SDK wasn't setup correctly.
The swf was still compiling properly even with the errors.

Now Classpath & Sourcepath are filled -> no more red code.

The breakpoint visible in the previous screenshot still doesn't work.
Compiling finishes in status bar, but no Flash Player is opened running debug.


Made a fresh start, installed IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2 Release Candidate 3 and began the test project from scratch.
Now everything is working!
No clue what went wrong before...


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