Intellij-Idea: Marking all files of unknown type as text (so that they are searchable)

Many of my scripts etc in intellij are marked with a question mark.  Then when I click on them them it prompts me:

    The file "bla" cannot be associated with a registered file type.  Please choose one:

    <insert table of file choices>

This would not matter **except** the files are not searchable (with ctrl-shift-n) until they are marked as text.  This is a major problem for me.  I have an enormous code base and I don't want to mark all of the unknown files as text.  Is there anyway that I can do that?

(Note: I have cross posted this to here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2649952/intellij-idea-marking-all-files-of-unknown-type-as-text-so-that-they-are-search)


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