IDEA vs Sun Generics compilation/parse issue

In IDEA 9.0.1 the code below is red-lined (manually inserted black underline here instead). However,
1) Compiling with Sun javac 1.6.0_19 reports no error
2) Compiling with Sun javac 1.6.0_01 reports the error

Presumably somewhere between version 1 & 19 this behaviour flips over (somewhere before 13  I think).

My view (based on my limited understanding of java generics) is that this code should not compile and the IDEA behaviour is correct.

If any one a better understanding of this issue I'd be glad to read it.

Many Thx


public class Bad {
   static interface F1<R, T> {
        R apply(T t);

    static class Foo<T> {
        public static String x(F1<Object, String> f) {
           return null;

    public static final Foo<String> c =  new Foo<String>();

    public static final String xxx = c.x(new F1<String, String>() {
        @Override public String apply(String s) {
            return null;



Hi Richard,

Current behavior (compile error) is correct because you're trying to use 'F1<String, String>' in a place where 'F1<Object, String>' is expected.

Java generics are not covariant, hence, such a statement is not allowed.

Feel free to check this excellent Java Generics FAQ for more information -



So that would be a bug in the Sun compiler then (which reports no error)!!!


I believe the issue was reported a while ago and Sun guys already addressed it because java compiler from 1.6_19 reports error for such source file.


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