Make Intellij IDEA distribution more *nix friendly

Hi, I am using IDEA on Ubuntu and found that IDEA has several usability issues on this OSes. I wish that Intellij team share some love to Unix.

1) IDEA distributed as *.tgz file. So users need to download it manually/unpack/tweak *.sh and so on. Package managers are much better in faster in doing it. So if you want to be successful on *nix you should provide a distribution channel using its package managers.
I am interested in Ubuntu repository. There are 2 projects that allow to build *.deb package for the IDEA.

These 2 scripts download *.tgz file and repack it as *.deb file. Now they need a Debian repository. I would really love to see an official repository. For Ubuntu it could UbuntuPPA repo (ala google Chrome daily builds) which could be supported by Intellij team or any volunteer. Also there should be information on the download page saying that if you are using Ubuntu then you could download package from the repository.

2) There is an annoying bug in It uses JDK_HOME but ubuntu installation does not have it by default. It uses JAVA_HOME. IDEA should check JAVA_HOME too. Do you accept patches that fix this problem?

3) I found Intellij IDEA directory structure non-Unix friendly. All files (binary/config/..) are stored in the same file. I would call it Windows-like distribution. In Unix world configuration files are stored in /etc, binary in /usr/bin. If we want to make IDEA Unix friendly we need to allow user to rewrite settings using its home dir config file. What I mean is that IDEA should read configuration from the following locations
  - /etc/intellij/idea.conf
  - ~/.intellij/idea.conf (or something like this)

And any option from the system location could be overridden by user's settings. So you could update system & user options independently.

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Here is a fix for the issue #2. It uses following logic for discovering IDEA_JDK

If IDEA_JDK is not set then fallback to JAVA_HOME. If JAVA_HOME is not set too then try to get JAVA_HOME from java binary by using 'readlink' tool. It works for me for Ubuntu 8.10

Dear developers, are you interested in this patch? I could submit to tracker if you like.

Reported as a patch


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