:local: mode in Pallada

[Reposted since most activity in core EAP group - including CVS-related

Hi all,
I'm using build #2072 of Pallada - my first real use of Idea 4 here on-site
due to my requirement for local mode CVS.

I've been using Idea 4 at home with PServer, but it's not an option here.

Now, Idea is working fine, I can browse the repository, view CVS file status
etc, but when I come to do a commit, Idea pops up the Commit dialog, takes
my comment, but a commit isn't actually performed - nor is any error
message/status visible.

Can anybody point me to where to look next in solving this problem? I'm
dying to switch to Pallada, but it's silly to have to run Idea 3 at the same
time just to do CVS commits.

Looking forward to any advice....


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