Module dependencies / export library (build 2072)

Could someone please explain how dependencies and the checkbox "export
library" are supposed to work.

I have five modules where modules A,B,C and D all depend on module X. No
matter whether or not I check "export" for the libraries of module X, I
can compile the other modules without any problem (although they need at
least some of module X's libraries) and I can also see all of them in
the web configuration dialog of the modules A - D and can choose to
include them into WEB-INF/classes, WEB-INF/lib, etc.

Is there something wrong with my project files, do others also see this
behaviour and what is it intended to be like?

Maybe this has been dicussed somewhere else, but if I have module A
depends module B and module B depends module C (i.e. A -> B -> C),
should module A see the classes and libraries of C during compilation,
even without setting the direct dependency A -> C (like you have to do
in IDEA 4.0.x)?


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I works for me. I have 5 modules depending on another one.

Did you try to set a new project up from scratch? Maybe it is a setup issue.



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