I downloaded the 95.54 RC without JRE 1.6.)_17.

I got a message that I needed to create an environment parameter
EXEC4J_JAVA_HOME to point to my JDK/JRE.

I tried setting it up pointing to JRE 1.6.0_19 both to the directory
as a whole an to the bin directory, without success. The message

I could not find anything about the parameter on the Jetbrains site or
in Google.

I then copied the JRE directory from the previous install over (JRE
1.6.0_17) to the new IDEA_HOME and all worked fine.
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products

Programs are abstract structured data. They map better onto 3D visual structures than they do onto linear
streams of characters. We have to gently break the strangehold of the written language metaphor  for programs before we can make any major progress.
An IDE ginergerly decorates text with graphics.  We need to evolved that to a SCID with graphics ginergly decorated with text, where the dynamic graphics tell
nearly all the story.

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IDEA needs a JDK.


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