SVN/SSL connection issue with Subversion

Can someone please explain what needs to be filled in via project settings->Version Control->VCs->Subversion->Edit Network Options when trying to make a connection to an https subversion repository?
I've tried various combos and then added the url to the repository list to try and browse but keep getting svn errors.  The url works fine from any browser.  Also, I'm able to connect to a non-ssl repository just fine.
When I have the server, port (443), user name/psw filled in I get this when trying to connect via the SVN Repository browser: "svn: can not read HTTP status line".  I've searched online with no resolution.


Irina Chernushina
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settings in "Network options" are actually those from "servers" configurations file, just an interface for them.
Servers file options are described here:
As you can see, there's not necessary to define any of these options to access a repository;
IDEA should ask for certificates when it is needed.

You can try to clear those "Network settings", and check that IDEA proxy is not used to acess the repository (I suppose it shouldn't be used), in
"Settings | Version Control | VCSs | Subversion | use IDEA general proxy settings as default for Subversion"

Hope it will help

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I cleared all options in "Network Options", unchecked the use of the IDEA general proxy, restarted IDEA, re-added the url for the repository and it then worked.
It now correctly prompts to accept certificates and enter my credentials.

Thanks for your help.


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