hai all ,im a student devoloping a MIB browser

i need a free to use mib compiler, can any one help me out in this regard


OK, I'm curious enough to ask. What's MIB (or mib?)



Commonly found hanging around Area 51 and areas of unexplained going-ons, MIB(s) are Men In Black - the most famous example of Men In Black are Mr. Will Smith and his partner Mr. Tommy Lee Jones, who are also part-time actors in the Hollywood movie industry.

The may, or may not, be connected to Mr. Mulder and Ms. Scully, esrt-while FBI Agents also connected with strange going-ons.

Or, they may be Agents of the artifically constructed consensual experience that we call our life, designed to hunt down those who believe in an alternate reality were dreadlocked people covort underground to the sound of dance music.

Alternatively, MIB may be Management (or Message) Information Base commonly connected with SNMP. Microsoft do a MIB compiler but in no way is it connected with Java and even more unrelated to IntelliJ.



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