Project Structure keeps collapsing

Note: Mac 9.0.1

When I use the keyboard to bring up the Project Structure panel, the entire project structure keeps collapsing. The behavior is, I open the Project Structure, open all the paths then go back to work. Minutes later, I open the Project Structure panel (via kepboard) and all the nodes are collapsed again. Very frustrating.

Any ideas?


As referenced in the YouTrack there is a default timeout for this.  I'm not sure if the keyboard shortcut is the same on OS X but on Windows it is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/  and that will bring up a little Maintenance window where you can choose "Registry".  I think the key you are looking for is "ide.tree.clearOnHideTime" (it's set in milliseconds).  I'm not sure if there's a way to disable it completely.

If Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/ doesn't work for you then do Search | Find Action and type "Maintenance" and it should give you the shortcut you need.

Edit:  Actually if you read all the information in the YouTrack linked to that one my post becomes completly redundant :-)

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Nice! I had no idea that that dialog even existed. I'll give it a try.


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