Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right can respect more navigations?

In IDEA Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right can be used to 'undo' navigation actions such as Go To Declaration, but I find it really quite frustrating that it doesn't undo more navigations, such as moving between tabs.

I would like to be able to use Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right as a general-purpose action to 'get back to where I was', rather than having to track in my mind whether I made a 'Go To' type navigation or a manual tab navigation.  Often I use the 'Back' option and am surprised where it has taken me -- it's certainly not the 'last class I looked at'.

Obviously this shouldn't be changed in the core product, I think this would annoy many people who like the current behaviour, but I was wondering if there is a plugin (I looked, but couldn't find one) or whether it could be added as an option in Settings?

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I hate current behaviour
It would be great if they fix it.


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