Slow Make?

I am running 8.1.2 and my make takes far longer than it should.

For example - I have web deployment configured (hot deploy)

and to compile a single class make takes about 10 seconds running make, another 7-10 seconds parsing the file, and another 7-10 seconds "loading classes" .

Does it really need to take idea 30 seconds to compile and deploy a single file?

Working on forexample html/velocity files hot deploy happens within seconds.

When compiling junit classes - i have the slowness issue.

Is this just nature of IDEA to not be performing while running make?

On a side note. when I change my compiler to use the Eclipse compile - compilation happens within 3 seconds. but even tho I get the message that my class was "deployed" it never actually gets hot-deployed. So I am stuck using javac .

Thanks for any input

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I'm encountering the same problem. Did you find a solution how to solve it ?


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