git plugin constantly asks for ssh password

Is there a way for IDEA to cache the ssl password I'm using?  Or even better, use an ssh implemention of my choosing?  If I could choose plink, then it would get my public key from the putty authentication agent I have running.

I see in Maia there is a new option for SSH Executable = "Native", but what is that?  Just the first "ssh" it finds on the path?


+1. I'm running IDEA on Fedora, and every time I do a git push, it re-prompts me for my password - very annoying. The first time it asks for the password, there should be a "Save password" checkbox that can be checked to tell IDEA to cache the password somewhere.


I solve this by choosing 'native ssh', storing a my private key in .ssh/id_rsa, keeping my public key in the Git server, and running 'ssh-add' once from a terminal to save the passphrase for the private key.

This is on Mac OS, but the same should work on Linux. With Windows, I guess Putty SSH with Pagaent could work.


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