Installation question

I'm happily using IDEA and it's been a while since I installed IDEA on my machine so I don't remember what options are available during installation.

Is it possible to install IDEA without admin privs on a Windows machine?

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Yes you can install Intellij if you use the ZIP file.

The ZIP files does not include the JRE so you can

There are two ways
At one time IntelliJ used the env variable IDEA_JDK to point to the JDK IJ uses for itself. I checked and its still in the bin/idea.bat file, but I am unsure if it is still used,
when you use idea.exe to start IJ.

2) Copy the JDK or a subset of the JDK with associated private JRE to underneath IJ.
    The directory normally looks like:
            IJ9 - The IntelliJ install directory
            IJ9/JRE -
            IJ9/JRE/lib/tools.jar - The tools.jar ifrom the JDK
            IJ9/JRE/JRE - The entiore private JRE that distributed with the JDK

You can get the ZIP version of IJ 9.0.1 here

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Excellent!  Thank you very much for your reply.


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