Comparison of FindBugs plugins for IntelliJ IDEA

Hi, I'm a part-time FindBugs developer and long-time IDEA user. I recently wrote up a comparison of the three (countem 3!) FindBugs plugins for IDEA:

For those of you who don't have time to read the whole thing, here was my final summary:

QAPlug-FindBugs FindBugs FindBugs-IDEA
Ease of use Good Good Cluttered, buggy
Integration / L&F Great Poor Great
Bug information Great Poor Great
Result filtering Some filters Poor Lots of filters
Analysis scope Lots of options Only project/module Lots of options
Configuration Detectors, analysis Analysis only Detectors, analysis
Custom FindBugs No No No
Analysis progress Great None Great
Runs in background No Yes Yes
Load/save analysis No No No (broken)

My general impression is that the QAPlug plugin provides a great user experience at the cost of configurability. FindBugs-IDEA is great in the opposite way - very configurable but a bit cluttered and buggy.

Would love to hear your thoughts on FindBugs integration and any comments on my reviews.
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Hello Keith

Thank you for your comparison.
It looks like you put a lot of effort into it

We are open for any suggestions so please do not hesitate to contact with us using
QAPlug contact page , directly with me,  or leaving comments under that post

Best regards
Krystian Lider


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