Hibernate instances proxy debugger navigation

Does Anybody knows a trick to navigate an "hibernate lazy objects" in the debugger wihtout going in the implementation of the javassist hibernate proxy.
By default the debugger navigate the guts of the proxy but we dont care about the implementation of the proxy (we care about our business object)
Just like most of the time we dont want to navigate the guts of an hashmap, just what it contains. (although most of eclipse users still navigate the guts of the hashmap, makes me want to cry)

I am thinking to write some type renderer.
A type renderer that shows only the properties of the superclass of the proxy may work (not sure if I could map that to the crazily named dynamically generated javassist proxies).

Is there an existing solution before I start furiously coding?

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Was easier than I tought with a custom type renderer.

But the result of PropertyUtils is not "View as a map".
Intellij should automatically do something like a "View as Javassist Proxy"
Hibernate users and any people that deal with javassist proxies would be happy.


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