Code Completion issue

I just started using IDEA a while ago and in the process of getting used to it and adjusting it a bit I somehow lost code completion for keywords and fields/methods.

I use IDEA mainly for ActionScript. I can only get auto completion for a field/method when I use the "this" keyword or i access it via an object (myObj.someVal).

This seems to be a Project Setting since it's working perfectly in other projects.  Any ideas?

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Sometimes the indexing gets "confused" (i.e. corrupted). I've noticed that this happens in ActionScript/Flex a bit more frequently than it ever did with Java. Try refreshing the indexing cache. On the menu, go to File | Invalidate Caches. Then restart IDEA. It will reindex your project on startup. That will typically fix things like this.

Other than that, you can check the settings under Ctrl+Alt+S | DE Settings | Editor | Code Completion. But I can't think of anything in there that would cause completion to only work with a this prefix.
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Yay, worked. Hope this won't happen too often.

Thanks a lot!


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