IDEA-9.01 - Mercurial integration

The projects I am working on at my client site in Seattle are all based on Mercurial. JetBrains has no official support for Mercurial to the best of my knowledge, but I just wanted to share with the IntelliJ IDEA community that the hg4idea plugin works very well for simple use cases. I haven't tried anything complex because my knowledge of Mercurial is very rudimentary. So far I am not very impressed by it (Mercurial) but maybe I'll be singing a different tune in a few months. Mostly it has been getting in the way unlike CVS and Subversion. However, hg4idea makes life more bearable while using Mercurial. I have been using it for:

  • checking history of a file
  • pulling a project from a repository (hg pull)
  • updating a project (hg update)
  • commiting my changes (hg commit)
  • pushing my changes to the remote repository (hg push)

So far so good. I just wish there was some decent documentation on how to use hg4idea more effectively. I am a Linux user so there are times I fall back to using command line Mercurial which I'd rather not do when IDEA should be able to manage that (with official or unofficial plugins). Generally I'm pleased with hg4idea (more documentation please!!!), but not thrilled about Mercurial.

I simply wanted to share my thoughts with the community.

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