Upgrade from version 7... javaee.jar gone?

I just upgraded from version 7.  I have quite a few different web projects, all of them dependant on the javaee.jar file automatically added by IntelliJ 7 when creating a J2EE website project.

Well in IntelliJ 9, the javaee.jar file, which used to be installed under the <IntelliJ Home>/lib folder is no longer there.  I can obviously copy an older copy of this jar file, and be happy, but I doubt this was the intended use.  How this got past IntelliJ 9 QA, simple upgrade of J2EE web project is beyond me.

The fact that I was upgrading, and using a feature that version 7 (and version 8) did for me automactially and now that feature is broken, is troublesome to start with.  If the intent for javaee.jar to be broken into its respective pieces, that's fine, I need to understand what those pieces are so I can create a Global Library, which I hope IntelliJ to automatically add in the future fix, and also to automatically change the references to the old javaee.jar file to an updated library or collection of .jar files automatically.

So what is the intent from JetBrains?  Do I just find an old copy of javaee.jar and reference that, or should I build a library and all all the smaller J2EE jars to it?  If I'm building a library, what is the entire set that I need, which used to be in javaee.jar?

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