Patch 9.0.1 doesn't work

I tried applying the patch using the download patch and restart button. It downloads and then restarts but the version is unchanged. I'm using 9.0 community edition (build 93.13) on Windows Vista. Is this a Vista issue (lack of permission to update files)?

Mark Thornton

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Hi Mark.

I have the same Problem on both FreeBSD and Linux.

It downlods the Patch and shuts down; however, it won't apply that D/Ld Patch upon restart.

I also tried this as "root" (using kdesu) as I thought it may be just be a Permission Problem, but to no avail.

I also checked the Online Manual, the FAQ, the IDEA Logfiles, ... for a clue where that Patch is being Downloaded to and how to apply it manually. However, I did not find any Info :-(

Should you find out more it would be cool if you could post it here ;-)



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