Idea9 + Maven + JBoss, how to get hot-swap (class/resource) to work?

I am running IDEA 9 with Jetbrains Maven and JBoss plugins. What I would want to do is to be able to see my changes to classes and resources instantly, that is to do exploded development with hot-swapping.

Is this possible?
My current situatiion is as follows:
When I check project structure after opening the project using pom.xml, IDEA says for few artifacts that 'META-INF/application.xml' file not found, which is understandable as application.xml is generated.
JBoss plugin with exploded target says: Artifact 'blaablaa-ear:ear exploded' has invalid extension.
Additionally, section 'Maven Support' in IDEA help says "IntelliJ IDEA's Make features are                capable of filtering Maven resources. However, IntelliJ                IDEA yet does not support filtering web resources." thus I am forced to use Maven at least partly in the build process.

In my current setup, I launch JBoss through the plugin, run package action after IDEA make and redeploy by hand so that changes to resources are updated. Is a better setup possible?

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To deploy an exploded directory to JBoss you have to name the directory with a valid extension (i.e. xyz.war) in order for JBoss to treat it as a web application.

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I think the situation is such currently.
Below is my current artifact situation (hopefully these forums allow viewing the original picture).

maven configuration.png

If I rename the directory to end with .ear JBoss plugin will not complain anymore. The next problem I am facing is that values such as ${pom.version} does not get replaced but this is probably expected based on what is said in help: "IntelliJ IDEA's Make features are capable of filtering Maven resources. However, IntelliJ IDEA yet does not support filtering web resources." Thus there is probably nothing that can be done this way?

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Do you mean the actual folder that contains the maven artifact has to have a .war extension?  If so that's really bad as its not part of the maven convention.  I should be able to name my folder anything, lets say foo.  And then in its pom I says its a war type.  Can't I do this?


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