Opening IDEA 9.0 directly to a specific project


I am not using the .ipr files anymore but rather the .idea folder structure. I would like to be able to open IDEA to a specific project. At the moment it seems to open the last project opened. I can no longer find the setting "Reopen last project on startup" (Settings -> General -> General Options) in version 9.0. Also I would like not to switch to using .ipr files which seemed to allow me to open that specific project. Is there a way to add to the shortcut a -project argument or something along these lines? Opening one project just to get to another is time consuming.



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Just want to bump this, does nobody know the answer? I'm creating new projects as we speak, my current inability to op

en intelliJ immediately to a specific project is hindering me. I'm sure there must be a way, a shortcut
argument or something. Thanks


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