New Pricing model for IDEA

This started innocently on another thread, but (maybe because of the
influence of a beer or two), I think there might be some validity to it.
Here's how it started...


OMG...that is SO funny. Talk about a great idea based on an ASP model.
IDEA is distributed for free...but you pay for what you use. Refactorings
cost you $.01 per use. Aspect stuff costs you $.75 per use. Debugging is
$.10 per breakpoint.

LOL. Awesome.

"Jon Steelman" <> wrote in message

Michael Morett wrote:

In fact, I'd
love to start a grass roots effort to collect donations to help fund a
Reformat JSP functionality. You guys can organize my Java code so


but my JSPs look like crap and I have to resort to manually tabbing


into place. If we can get 1000 EAPers to donate $10USD, I'm sure you


assign a guy to code this up.


Or during EAP, IDEA itself could charge $0.25 per JSP reformat until the
needed total is accumulated for JSP reformatting to go FCS. ;)


Dont reject it outright but let it sink in a little bit (preferably while
sipping on a Merlot). This could be a very very interesting way to generate
revenue for JetBrains. Many people have become hooked on EAP like its
Valium because the personal cost to spend $500 "might" be a little more than
they want to pay. Eclipse is free and remains a threat. We all know IDEA
is better and is worth the cost. But what if we can buy IDEA a little bit
at a time (like a house or a car)?

I dont want to see this go to extremes (can you envision the JetBrains
website: "for loops on sale this week, while loops on sale next month,
Hashmaps discounted 50% for Mother's Day").

I dont know where to go with this, but something just feels right about
exploring this option. JetBrains, like most software vendors, is asking for
payment all at once. Might there be a way to stagger payment based on use?
If all you do is JSP work, maybe all you get is JSP support. If you want
aspects, you gotta pay for that priviledge. You dont use Weblogic
Integration? Your price is suddenly lower.

Alternatively, IDEA is priced at $10...for one month. Got a 6 month
contracting gig and want to use IDEA? Your cost is $60. None of us wants
to use a version indefinitely so the idea of paying $500 for a product and
expect it to last 5-10 years is inpractical. Instead of "upgrading" every
major version or so...we upgrade every month.

Is the beer that good? Anyone else think I am crazy?


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It is just amazing what people can discuss, but anyway, the main revenue stream comes from the corporate users, not from the poor developers who are going to squeeze penny for click and penny and half for double click.
BTW when refactoring operation is requested and then canceled what would be a charge for this kind of transaction?


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