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I just upgraded from IntelliJ 8.1.4 to 9.0 GA on Windows XP and I'm having some problems using the "Find in file" searching. When I search with the "Case sensitive" and "Whole words only" options checked IntelliJ finds matches in only certain file types (eg. .java, .ksh, .config) but not in others (eg. .properties, .xsl, .xsd). These are searches that I did in 8.1.4 without any problems. I thought it could be the definition of what a "word" is had changed but even searching on "Switch" failed to find this example in a properties file (where Switch is surrounded by spaces)

# Switch on Config Trace

when i clear the "Whole words only" checkbox it finds these instances.

Are only certain types of file indexed for searching now? or is there some config setting that has changed?

Any help appreciated

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just installed 9.0.1 and this seems to work ok now, along with a few other strange things like control-shift-n not finding certain files immediately

dave barton


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