Commit Changes Dialog suggests change list that I don't want to commit instead of the active changelist.

There's a "Default" changelist in bold, and some other changelists. The default changelist is marked as Active Changelist, and if I look under "9: Changes" under "Local", then Default is on top.

I also have some other changelists, which I use for changes that apply to me but I don't want to commit (e.g. some config files that I change for my debugging but should not go to the CVS).

When I commit a directory, then in the "Commit Changes" dialog, the dropdown box "Change list" has got that other changelist selected by default, instead of the Default changelist.

This defeats the purpose of me putting these config files in a different changelist. Whenever I want to commit something, it chooses my changelist I don't want to commit instead of the Default one. I always have to choose Default in the combobox before I commit, but with a next commit, it chooses that other one again anyway.

How can I make it show the Active changelist in that dropdown box by default, instead of one I never want to commit?


EDIT: I found this page:
And it says the following: "Change list   Use the drop-down list to select the change list that contains the modified files to be included in the patch. By default, the active change list is suggested."
That is not true for me! It does not suggest the active changelist by default as explained above.
Is this a bug?

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