Compile behaviour

At some point in the eap cycle (around late 9xx) compile file stopped working for me.

Or rather, its behaviour was modified from the previously useful state to a rather non-useful state.

Previously, when choosing compile class, the class as well as any modified dependencies it had was compiled. This no longer seems to be the case, and I'd like to know if this change is intentional (and what logic there is behind it), or not. Here's an example to clarify:

Compile class A (which calls B.doSomething)

Rename method B.doSomething to B.doFoo

Modify class A to call doFoo

Compile class A

Previously the last step would have resulted in a successful compilation. Currently it does not, instead you get an error saying that doFoo does not exist.

This behaviour IMHO makes compile class completely useless.

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